Pauper FNM

11/24/2023 @ 7:30 pm – 11:30 pm
Cool Stuff Games - Jacksonville
8595 Beach Blvd Suite 326

Attention Magic players!

Join us for our Pauper FNM!

*Wizards account required for Registration*
*Promos & Promo Packs while supplies lasts*
Entry Fee: $7
Registration Starts: 7:00 PM
Gameplay Starts: 7:30 PM
Format: Pauper Constructed
Tournament Structure: Swiss with top cut determined by player count
Prize Support: 1 Box Minimum. 2 Packs per player will be added if registered player count exceeds 18.

The following cards are banned in this format:

Aarakocra Sneak, Arcum’s Astrolabe, Atog, Bonder’s Ornament, Chatterstorm, Cloud of Faeries, Cloudpost, Cranial Plating, Daze, Disciple of the Vault, Empty the Warrens, Fall from Favor, Frantic Search, Galvanic Relay, Gitaxian Probe, Grapeshot, Gush, High Tide, Hymn to Tourach, Invigorate, Mystic Sanctuary, Peregrine Drake, Prophetic Prism, Sinkhole, Sojourner’s Companion, Stirring Bard, Temporal Fissure, Treasure Cruise, Underdark Explorer, and Vicious Battlerage.

At any point in the game, a player may call a judge for assistance with a ruling or interaction. The judge will not be able to issue you any advice about the game state or what decisions you should make.
While trading is fine, please note that buying/selling items with anyone other than Cool Stuff Games staff (or soliciting to do so elsewhere) is against both our rules and the law. Doing so may result in both the buyer and the seller being removed from the property, both being permanently banned from returning, and/or the police being notified.
Cool Stuff Games also reserves the right to limit the amount of space being occupied by any one individual while trading, and does not allow the use of suitcases, handcarts, luggage carts, etc. to be used for the purpose of transporting excessive amounts of trade stock.
All food & drink must be kept off the tables except for where signage says otherwise.
Horseplay, roughhousing, rude/disrespectful/discourteous behavior, and foul language are not permitted.
Report any lost or unattended item(s) to a Cool Stuff Games staff member.
Most importantly, HAVE FUN!
Feel free to contact us at 904-256-2056.
If you have any suggestions on how to make this event more enjoyable or discover an issue that was not covered, please speak to the Tournament Organizer (TO) or a sales associate in-store, and they’ll be happy to assist you