Cool Stuff Games carries popular table-top games including CCGs, Board Games, Miniatures, RPGs and more. We have daily events as well as weekly tournaments. Check below for your local store’s listings, locations and more!

What We Do

We offer a large variety of events, from Friday Night Magic to Pathfinder to Board Game Nights. Whatever your choice, we have a wide selection of weekly events, frequent special monthly events and demos. Check your local store page for schedules and updates.

Each store is stocked with a variety of games, cards, and supplies. Our huge online inventory is available right at your fingertips with our in-store computers, and can be delivered to your location next-day.

Cool Stuff Games is a Wizards of the Coast Premier Event Store, and we have thousands of singles available for purchase in addition to our Premier Event Tournaments. We also carry thousands of Board Games, with new releases every week.

Our employees are always ready to help, from finding the item you need to demoing games. Our clean, bright stores are fully stocked with drinks and snacks, and there’s plenty of room for all kinds of games and groups.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide a positive and inclusive environment for all players, regardless of age, gender, or skill. To create a welcoming and positive environment for all who play here, encouraging sportsmanship and the power of community.