Pokemon Cities Comes to CoolStuff Maitland
Pokemon players strap on some ‘Roller Skates’ and make your way on down to our Pokemon Cities Tournament! (Prize support may vary due to attendance.) Entry Fee: Juniors & Seniors: Free / Masters: $10 Registration:[...]
Vanguard "Commander of the Incessant Waves" Sneak Peak
Stand up the Vanguard!! Commander of the Incandescent Waves is finally here! Join us for our sneak peak December 6th. Draft style tournament with 2 packs per person into the prize pool. Game play starts[...]
King of New York Tournament
The holidays are just around the corner and what better way to send it then duke it out with other giants to see who is the KING OF NEW YORK! Each participant will receive a[...]
$500 FNM Standard Tournament
Looking for some extra cash just in time for the holidays? We will be hosting a $500 Standard tournament. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to have some extra cash on hand right before[...]
Dec 12 – Dec 23 all-day
12 Days of Christmas Raffle Event
We are looking to spread the holiday cheer. Starting on the December 12th and continuing until the start of Christmas we will be raffling off $20 CoolStuff gift cards. Tournaments will be hosted every day[...]
Dragonball Z 2 Box Tournament
Dragonball Z players it’s time to show your true level! Match your skills and test your wits in our 2 Box Dragonball Z tournament. Entry Fee: $10.00 Registration: 12:00 PM Event Starts: 1:00 PM Prize[...]
Battle for Zendikar 3 Box Tournament
If you love opening gifts then you should love opening packs! Make sure to be apart of our Battle for 3 Box Tournament and take home some packs. Entry Fee: $15.00 Registration: 1:00 PM Event[...]
Force of Will 2 Box Tournament
Force of Will players the holidays have come early. Take advantage of this great 2 box tournament! We look forward to seeing you all here and may the Force be with you! Entry Fee: $10.00[...]
Pokemon Breakthrough Sealed Tournament
Pokemon are you tired of all the other trading card games having a sealed event? Well here is your chance! We will be hosting a Pokemon Breakthrough sealed event. Each player will receive 6 packs[...]
Android: Netrunner Tournament
Netrunner players we will be hosting a Android: Netrunner Tournament here at CoolStuffGames in Maitland. Come battle others in a true test to see who will be on top. Don’t forget that you will be[...]
X-Wing "Force Awakens" Tournament
Can’t get enough of the newest Star Wars movie? Well come get some more in this 1v1 Dogfight X-Wing tournament. Entry Fee: $10.00 Registration: 12:00 PM Event Starts: 1:00 PM Prize Support: 1st: $40 store[...]
Star Wars Holiday Special RPG Event
Our continued celebration of Star Wars ‘Force Awakens’ wraps up with a Star Wars RPG event. Come out play some of your favorite characters in the efforts to save the holidays! Entry Fee: FREE Registration:[...]
Dec 20 @ 2:00 pm
Yu-Gi-Oh 3v3 Tournament
It’s time to duel… with 2 other friends! Teams of 3 will face off against individuals from an opposing team. Team that has the best 2 out of 3 outcome will get the win. Tournament[...]
Dec 23 @ 6:00 pm
Ticket to Ride
Not looking forward to taking that plane flight home for the holiday season? Then ride a train! Joins us for our Ticket to Ride Tournament! We will be firing a game as soon as we[...]
Magic the Gathering Pauper Tournament
On a budget after the holiday season? Or maybe you are looking for a way to spend some CoolStuff store credit or gift card? We have the perfect event for you. Gather up some commons[...]
Yu-Gi-Oh! 2 Box Tournament
Yu-Gi-Oh! Players looking for a way to cap off a great Holiday week? Then stop on by CoolStuff in Maitland and participate in our 2 Box Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament. Each participant will receive 2 Astro Packs[...]
Magic 'End of the Year' Slugfest!
Come celebrate all the Magic the Gathering sets that have been released this year in an ‘End of the Year Slug-fest’. Players will receive 8 packs instead of the usual 6 and those packs will[...]