"Last Chance" Attack Wing Tournament!
Come and play for all of our Operational Kits as Prize support!! All promos and additional store support items are up for grabs!!! We’ll provide the ships and figures to build your team with, but[...]
YuGiOh! Two Box High Speed Riders Tournament!
     Yu-gi-oh players, Does your deck have what it takes to be the best?! Come find out! Its time to Duel!!   Registration opens @ 1pm Game play is @ 2pm Entry Fee is $5.00[...]
Battle for One Box of Original Zendikar!!
  You read correctly, a battle for the ORIGINAL  Zendikar!  One Unopened box of the original Zendikar set is up for grabs.   This tournament will be on a Standard format. Registration opens @ 1pm Game play[...]
X-Wing Tournament: Onslaught for The Imperial Raider!
     This will be a tournament for an Imperial Raider X-Wing Expansion Pack!!! The event will be Constructed and Onslaught Rules. (Onslaught Rules:  Players ship point values counts as win conditions, meaning if a[...]
Battle For Zendikar Sealed Tournament!
  Battle for Zendikar Sealed Tournament! Players will receive 6 packs of BATTLE FOR ZENDIKAR, in which they will use to build a 40-card deck (minimum) in order to battle their way through our Swiss-style[...]
Pokemon Three Box Tournament
          So you wanna be a Master of Pokemon? Do you have the skills to be NUMBER ONE?!   STANDARD FORMAT Pokemon trainers, this 3-BOX tournament will be Swiss-style tournament, with[...]
Oct 21 @ 7:00 pm
VS System Tournament!
  Finally, after so many years out of print VS is back!! With corrected mechanics, new, more user-friendly rules and now in a “Living card Game” style!!  Come out on our usual Wednesday Board Game[...]
Cool Stuff Games Ocktoberfest: Friday Night Magic THREE Box Draft!
Calling all Planeswalkers!! The battle for Zendikar has started and this is how it kicks off, with 3 boxes worth of prizes up for grabs for the winner of this drafted battle.   Registration opens @[...]
Cool Stuff Games Ocktoberfest: Friday Night Magic Four Box Standard
   Let the Battle for Zendikar Begin!! This will be the kick off tournament for our Ocktoberfest! With 4 boxes guaranteed prize support, the Battle For Zendikar starts off with a bang! Come celebrate Ocktoberfest[...]
Cool Stuff Games Ocktoberfest: Battle For Zendikar Game Day & Sealed Case Tournament
  This is the big one Magic players! It’s GAME DAY! To celebrate as part of our Ocktoberfest weekend, we’re holding a standard tournament for Battle For Zendikar with the prize being a SEALED CASE[...]
Cool Stuff Games Ocktoberfest: Yu-Gi-Oh Playstation 4 Tournament!
As part of our massive Ocktoberfest celebration, we’re holding a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament unlike any we’ve held before. That’s because the prize we’re giving away? A PLAYSTATION 4! Duel it out against your fellow YGO players[...]
Cool Stuff Games Ocktoberfest: DC Deck Building Tournament
  Get your super heroes ready! Because DC Deckbuilding is coming back to Maitland! We had such a great turn out at our last event, we’re doing it again! Entry is only $5 Registration @[...]
Cool Stuff Games Ocktoberfest: Magic Pauper Tournament!
  Throw out your uncommons, rares and mythic rares, because Pauper is coming back! Construct the best deck you can with nothing better than commons and battle it out for the top spot in this[...]
Cool Stuff Games Ocktoberfest: Magic Legacy Tournament!
You have spent a long time building those Legacy decks and now it’s time to show off your skills! Entry $5 Registration at 1:00 pm Game play at 2:00 pm 2 packs per person will[...]
King of Tokyo Tournament!
Just in time for Halloween, choose your giant monster and duke it out to see who really is the KING OF TOKYO! Each participant will receive a promo pack of cards that they can add[...]