Commander Party: Innistrad Double Feature

01/30/2022 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Cool Stuff Games - Miami
12550 sw 88th street

MTG Commander Players!

Join us for this event exclusive to WPN Premium Stores!

What is the Commander Party?
-It is a one-day event where players are immersed in a story affected by their in-game choices, offering an opportunity for newer players to participate in a casual in-store event and get absorbed in the world of Magic.
-The setup is based on a narrative tale. Players, who are split into pods, experience the story from beginning to end during the event. Players only need a Commander deck to participate!

During this event, Each player receives a card, assigning them to 1 of 4 factions:

Throughout the event, a video guiding the players through the story will ask the player with the most of a resource to raise their faction card in the air—the faction with the most raised cards moves forward a space on the game board, where each space provides an in-game bonus for all players in that faction

This is a Free event and only requires you to have a commander deck to participate!
If you do not have a commander deck we will have some preconstructed commander decks available for purchase!

By participating, you will get a Promo Alt-art Conjurer’s Closet card!

Family Friendly Innistrad Cosplay is Encouraged!

See you on the streets of Innistrad!