Monday Modern League

03/13/2017 @ 7:00 pm
8550 S US Highway 17-92
Maitland, FL 32751


Each Monday we will be hosting a Monday Modern League. Participants placing in the top 4/8 will receive League Points!

These points are an additional prize bonus for players that are more active in our Monday Modern events. Points will reset at the beginning of each month.

1st:  place receives 5 points.
2nd:  place receives 4 points.
3rd/4th: place receives 3 points.
5th-8th: place receives 1 point.

In the event of a top 8/4 split, points will be distributed according to players standings after the final round.

The following prizes will be given out at the end of each month.

1st-5th: SCG “Pig Through Time” 80 count Sleeves

1st-5th: SCG “Pig Through Time” Playmat

Our weekly Modern events will incorporate Game Night kits! Play for your chance to win exclusive foil Creature Collection tokens as well as unique Creature Collection pins, playmats, and sleeves!

March’s foil tokens and pin will be the “Pig Through Time”