Star Wars: X-Wing Hyperspace – Road to Trials

03/30/2019 @ 12:00 pm
CoolStuffGames - Waterford Lakes
504 N Alafaya Trail
Orlando, FL 32828


Welcome to the new era of X-Wing and with it come some different formats. For this event, we will be running a Hyperspace event. So what does that mean? Essentially, Hyperspace encompasses many of the new wave ships that have come out since the release of 2.0.

This Tournament will also serve as a gateway into our “HyperSpace Trial” on April 13th at 12PM! The winner of this event in addition to the prize pool will win a FREE ENTRY into the Hyperspace Trial.

For a look at what is currently legal in Hyperspace format, download the FFG Squad Builder app for X-wing and select Hyperspace format when constructing a squad to see all available combinations of ships and upgrades legal.

Entry: $10.00
Registration: 11:00PM
Start Time: 12:00PM
Format: Hyperspace 200pt lists
Structure: Swiss