Star Wars: Destiny Trilogy Event

02/17/2019 @ 12:00 pm
CoolStuffGames - Waterford Lakes

Destiny Players!

Welcome to the new age of Destiny! Prepare yourself for a new format rarley tested in the Orlando area. Thats right its Trilogy time!

What is Trilogy? It is a constructed format different from Standard. In this format, the only sets legal for play are the “White Box” sets. This includes Leagcies, Way of the Force, Across the Galaxies ,The Rey/Kylo Two Players set, Rivals Draft Kit, Luke and Boba Starter Sets. For information for Trilogy, check out these FFG Links.
Legality –
Holocron –

Prizes: If available we will use one of our Destiny OP kits in addition to 4 packs a person in the prize pool.

Entry: $10
Registration: 11:00AM
Gameplay: 12:00 PM
Format: Trilogy
Structure: Swiss with Top Cut