Star Wars: 40/40 Infinte Highlander Premium Kit Event

12/22/2019 @ 1:00 pm
Star Wars: 40/40 Infinte Highlander Premium Kit Event

Star Wars: Destiny Players!

Looking for a new and interesting way to play more Destiny? 40/40 Infinte Highlander is quite the mouthful but it is a new and exciting format of Destiny! Below are the Deckbuilding restictions and guidelines.

This format uses the Infinite Holocron for all errata and Balance of the Force. Players
must bring a Infinite-legal deck with the following exceptions to deckbuilding:
– Players have a 40-point limit on Characters and Plot cards. Characters may be elite.
– Players must have exactly 40 cards in their player deck.
– Players can only include one copy of any given card in their deck, including Characters.
– The following cards are banned:
• Double Down
• X-Wing
• TIE Fighter
• Lightsaber Mastery

In addition we will be adding a Premium Kit to the prize pool for the event, so the winner of the event will also be walking away with a Mr.Bones playmat!

Entry: $10
Start Time: 1:00PM
Structure: Swiss with Top Cut