River City Dungeon Bowl I

12/08/2018 @ 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Below are the tournament specific rules for this event:

Tournament Specific Rules:
– You get 700,000 to build your team (No Skills). Inducements can be permanently purchased (except wizards) after your team has at least 7 players. Fan factor cannot be purchased (it is not used for anything).
– After the team is built, you can add the following skills:
o Tier A (Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Lizardman, Orc, Undead, Wood Elf) = 3 skills total, NO doubles.
o Tier B (Amazon, Dwarf, High Elf, Necro, Norse, Skaven) = 3 skills total, up to 1 double.
o Tier C (Chaos, Chaos Pact, Pro Elf, Human, Khemri, Nurgle, Bretonnians) = 4 skills total, up to 1 double.
o Tier D (Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Slann, Underworld, Vampire, Khorne) = 4 skills total, up to 2 doubles.

– No player can receive more than 2 added skills.
– Resurrection style tournament

– All 6 rounds will use the same dungeon template
o Coaches will have the option to change races after 3 rounds. This must be decided by the coach at time of registration, and cannot be changed once the first round of the tournament begins.

– When a player opens a chest, roll a D6. If there are 5 or 6 chests, the ball will be in the opened chest only on a 6. If there are 3 or 4 chests, the ball will be in the opened chest on a 5+. If there are only 2 chests, the ball will be in the opened chest on a 4+.
o If the ball is already in play, all remaining chests are traps.
o If there is only one chest remaining, and the ball is not yet in play, the remaining chest automatically contains the ball.
– Rounds are a maximum of 1 hour long. Turns will be a maximum of 3 minutes.
o If one player is ahead by 2 or more TD’s after 30 minutes, they automatically win (Runaway Win).
o If one player is ahead by 1 TD after 45 minutes, they automatically win (Close Win).
o If both players are tied after 1 hour, it is a draw.
o If one player has casualtied all opposing players at any time (no reserves and no knockouts), they automatically win (Annihilation Win).
– Once the 3 minute turn timer goes off, the player can finish the current action. Once that action is complete, their turn ends.
– Once the match timer hits 1 hour, the player can finish the current action. Once that action is complete, the match immediately ends.
– Tournament champion will be most total points after six rounds. If there is a tie, we will use the tie breaking procedure outlined below.
– Points are earned in the following ways:
o Annihilation Win / Runaway Win – 30 points
o Close Win – 20 points
o Draw – 15 points
o Close Loss – 10 points
o Annihilation Loss / Runaway Loss – 0 points
o Touchdowns – 2 points
o Casualties – 1 point (casualties caused by a trap from a chest do NOT count, all other casualties count)
– There is no halftime, so rerolls do not reset.
Tiebreaking Procedure:
– The patrons of the Colleges of Magic love to see exemplary play in the dungeon. In the case of a tie between teams in points, the team that will be placed ahead will be determined by a “fan favorite” vote. The patrons are looking for specific exemplary plays throughout the course of the games. They are:
o Hasty Exit (Knocking an opposing player into a portal)
o Pass Off The Wall (successfully complete a bounce pass off of one of the dungeon’s walls. This pass must be caught by someone on the throwing players team to count)
o Escape Through The Portal (your ball carrier must successfully go through a portal and come out the other side STILL HOLDING ON TO THE BALL.)
o Meat Shield (block an opponent into a chest, causing it to explode. If the chest had the ball, you do not earn this point.)
o Nuffle’s Blessing (successfully find the ball when opening the first chest. This has to be the first chest opened in the round, and the team the opener plays for gets the point, so if you block an opponent into a chest and it is the ball, your opponent gets the point.)
– You can earn each possible point in all six matches, but only once each match. This makes the maximum score for tiebreakers 30.
– If teams have the same tiebreaker score, then most points in the last round wins, followed by most in the fifth round, and so on in reverse order that the rounds were played in. If still tied, most TD’s scored, followed by most casualties, followed by TD differential, then casualties differential, and if somehow still tied at this point, 100 yard dash carrying a person on your back (or coin flip, whatever works for the tied coaches).
– The following will be awarded at River City Dungeon Bowl. Coaches are only able to win one award, and if qualified for multiple awards, will receive the highest one they qualify for on this list:
o Tournament Champion (most total points)
o Stunty Champion (most total points from a stunty team)
o Most Touchdowns
o Most Casualties
o Best Defense
o Fan Favorite (most tiebreaker points earn, following same tiebreaking procedure but if tied after comparing first round numbers go by total points, then a roll off)