Pokémon – Sun & Moon: Team Up Prerelease

01/27/2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Cool Stuff Games - Hollywood
6867 Taft St

Pokemon Trainers! Join us in our Lost Thunder Prerelease!

Entry: $25

Main Event Sealed Format Information :
Each player at the beginning of the event will receive a deck box that contains a 22 card deck , a promo card and 4 booster packs of the new Pokémon TCG expansion to build a 40 card deck. Players then have thirty minutes to build a 40 card deck. Basic Energy Cards will be supplied for deck construction.

Tournament Structure:
All 3 rounds will be played Swiss style with the deck that you constructed. In the Swiss format, players are expected to keep playing each round, regardless if you win or lose. Players have 20 minutes plus 3 turns to complete each round, with each player putting out 4 prize cards. Players receive 1 point per game whether you win, lose or tie.
Each player who is present at the end of the event (and who has played all 3 rounds) will receive an additional 3 booster packs