Pokemon League Challenge

10/16/2019 @ 6:45 pm
Cool Stuff Games - South Orlando
12720 S.Obt Suite 10
Pokemon League Challenge @ Cool Stuff Games - South Orlando

Format – STANDARD Format
2019 STANDARD – Sun & Moon Ultra Prism and forward.

Deck lists REQUIRED – Arrive early to submit your deck list. Late submission can and will result in a round 1 loss.
If you need a deck list you can fill out and print here (Bring it with you!)


We will play 30 minute rounds best of one matches. Rounds will be based on attendance. Divisions into Juniors, Seniors, and Masters will be based on attendance.
1 Pack will be given back to each registered player on entry.
We will add 2 packs to the prize pool per entered player, prize support will vary on overall attendance. Bring your Pokémon ID so we can log you in. Bring your sleeved deck with matching sleeves (clear sleeves not allowed).
Top place finishers will be awarded championship points, there is no top cut playoff.
**Promo cards will be awarded. **BASED ON AVAILABILITY**