Pokemon Cosmic Eclipse Pre-release

10/23/2019 @ 6:30 pm
Cool Stuff Games South Orlando
12720 S.OBT Suite 10
Pokemon Cosmic Eclipse Pre-release @ Cool Stuff Games South Orlando

Cool Stuff Games South Orlando will be hosting the new Pokemon Sun & Moon – Cosmic Eclipse Prerelease on Wednesday October 23, 2019.
Entry Fee = $25
Registration will open at 4:00PM and will close at 6:30PM.
This first flight will begin at 6:30PM, if anyone arrives after this start time we will continue to accept registrations for flights after this initial launch.
This is a sealed format tournament that will consist of 3 – 20 minute rounds, swiss style.
Each participant will be given 4 Sun & Moon – Cosmic Eclipse booster packs and a 23 card evolution pack – featuring key cards from current and prior sets to build a deck of 40 cards. (Energies will be provided for you)
Deck construction time may vary from 20-30 minutes.
The standard 6 prize cards is reduced to 4 in this format.
Each participant will receive 3 more booster packs upon completion of the 3 round event as rewards. (Not participating or leaving/dropping early and you will forfeit these 3 packs.) Each participant will also receive a 1 of 4 alternate art promo card.