Pioneer 1-Box Guaranteed Tournament

11/10/2019 @ 3:00 pm
Cool Stuff Games - Waterford Lakes
Pioneer 1-Box Guaranteed Tournament @ Cool Stuff Games - Waterford Lakes

Magic Players!!

Welcome to the newest format in Magic! Pioneer is here! What is Pioneer? Pioneer is the newest supported format from Wizards of the Coast. Pioneer encompasses the past 7 years of Magic: The Gathering. It includes all past standard sets starting from Return to Ravnica to today! This format does feature a small ban list currently containing the Khans of Tarkir Fetchlands for more information on Pioneer check out the link below!


This tournament will be a swiss structure event with a top cut based on the number of players, in addition we will be guaranteeing 1-BOX to the prize pool, this can go up based on the number of players that show up to the event!

Start Time: 3:00 PM
Entry: $5.00
Format: Pioneer
Structure: Swiss