Magic: The Gathering On-Demand Brawl Pods

10/27/2019 @ 11:00 am
Magic: The Gathering On-Demand Brawl Pods

Magic: The Gathering Players!

Brawl is back and the support is coming at you in full force! Whether you pick up a pre-constructed deck at our register or perhaps you have an experiment of a deck ready to go and looking for some testing. Our on-demand brawl pods allow you to fire off quick multiplayer pod events one after another! This will allow for maximum game time and constant games! Each pod can fire with any number of 2-4 players per pod. Interested in Brawl but don’t know where to look, follow the link below for deck construction infomration.

Brawl Format Inforamtion:

Prize support for each event will feature 1 pack back on entry to each player and 1 pack per player to the winning player!

Entry: $6
Time: 11:00 AM – Close
Format: Brawl
Structure: On-Demand Pods