Magic: the Gathering Learn to Play Event

Magic: the Gathering Learn to Play Tournament

Interested in Magic: the Gathering, but no idea how to play? Look no further!

Come on out to Cool Stuff Games in South Orlando and learn to play magic! You’ll start out with a 30-card Welcome deck, then add another Welcome deck to bring you up to a full 60-card experience. After that, you’ll get a pack with which to modify your deck as well as an additional pack at the end of the event.

This event will give you a basic understanding of how to play, how to build a deck and how a tournament is played.

Come learn to play in a low-stakes, casual environment! Entry is $5, and every participant will end up with a Welcome deck and 2 booster packs of the latest set.

Start Time: 12:00 PM
Entry: $5.00
Format: Learn to play