Magic: The Gathering Guild Wars: Team Unified Standard Finale

05/18/2019 @ 1:00 pm
$20 per person / $60 per team

Magic Players!

Welcome to the conclusion of our “Guild Wars” tournament series! Our 10 guild champions will be bringing their teams to come and battle for a CASE worth of prizes! Will you be here to join them? This event will be a Team Unified Standard Constructed format, teams are made of 3 individuals. This format means that each team has a shared card pool, so if one person on a team is playing “duress” , regardless of the number of copies, no other person may play “duress”.

Wizards of The Cost Rules are found here:

This tournament will be swiss structured and a top cut based on the number of registered teams. Each team member will register under A, B or C and will only play the person on the opposing team registered with the same letter. The “B” player will be in the middle with, A will be seated to the left of B and C will be to the right of B.

Deck lists will be required for each team, due to the large prize pool.

Entry: $20 a person / $60 per team
Registration: 12PM
Start Time: 1PM
Format: Team Unified Standard
Structure: Swiss with a Top Cut