Keyforge Tournament

12/03/2018 @ 6:45 pm – 11:45 pm

Attention KeyForge players! Cool Stuff Games – Jacksonville will be hosting an event today starting at 6:45 PM. $5 Entry. Store Credit Prize support.

The format we will be using tonight is Archon (Relaxed). Bring any one deck that you would like to play with. There will be Single-Game Swiss 50 minute rounds and prize support awarded based on Final Standings.

We plan on reducing the time for rounds after our player base is more familiar with the game. Please read the Going to Time rules below.

When time is called for the round, the player who is
currently taking their turn finishes their turn. If that
player does not achieve victory by the end of their turn,
then their opponent may take one last turn.
If neither player has achieved victory (forged three Keys)
at the end of the opponent’s last turn, they must follow
the steps below, in order, to determine who receives
a win for the current game. That player’s opponent
receives a loss for the game. If a single elimination
round with a best-of-three match ends and only one
player has a game win for the match, the player with a
game win wins the match instead of players following
the steps below.

Note: These steps take place in a post-game
tiebreaker phase. While following these steps,
neither player is considered to be currently taking
their turn.

1. Each player who has 6 or more Æmber forges 1
Key (removing the 6 Æmber from their pool as
usual). Cards that affect Æmber costs have no
effect during this step. Each player can only
forge 1 key from this step.
2. The player with the most Keys forged is the
winner. If there is a tie, proceed to step 3.
3. The player with the most remaining Æmber in their
pool is the winner. If there is still a tie, proceed to
step 4.
4. Each player selects one of their houses. Then,
each player totals the number of friendly creatures
in play of that house and adds the amount of
bonus Æmber from that house’s cards still in their
hand. This is that player’s “potential Æmber.”
The player with the most potential Æmber is the
winner. If there is still a tie, proceed to step 5.
5. The first player is the winner