KeyForge Auction Tournament

01/27/2019 @ 3:00 pm

Keyforge Players!

Answer the Archon’s call and present yourself for glorious battle in the Crucible! This Keyforge Tournament is a Auction tournament that requires you to bring 2-4 decks to the event along with a prize pool dependent on the number of players entering the event. In the Auction variant, players place their decks into a common pool before the event and bid chains for the decks of their choice. You might see one deck that’s clearly better than the others, but how many turns will you be willing to deprive yourself of cards in order to play that deck? The tournament will be a Best of one in each round with the deck you acquired at the start of the event. Afterwards, prizes will be distributed to the top placing participants. As OP kits become available this tournament will also distribute those prizes.

Registration: 12:00PM
Gameplay: 1:00PM
Entry: $5