Cardfight! Vanguard Shop Challenge

03/23/2019 @ 5:00 pm
Cool Stuff Games South Orlando
12720 S. Obt Suite 10 Orlando
FL 32837


Join us for a Cardfight!! Vanguard Standard tournament!
Participants will be competing in a Swiss tournament structure. Once a top cut has been reached, players will have the option to split the prize pool evenly or play out the top cut for even greater reward! The prize support structure is 2 box worth of store credit or packs(While supplies last) with another box worth for every 4 players above our 8 minimum! All players will receive a special promo while supplies last!
This event will be an official Bushiroad Shop Challenge.

Gameplay: 5:00pm
Entry Fee: $10.00
Tournament Format: Constructed Standard
Tournament Structure: Swiss