Star Wars: X-Wing Battle of Yavin Thematic Tournament

12/09/2018 @ 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Part two of the Deluxe Wave kit at Cool Stuff Jacksonville will be the Thematic Battle of Yavin event! This will be a three round tournament, records from this event will count to toward the Wave Leader prize. The player with the most wins after this tournament and the Wave Championship will be crowned the Wave Leader!

For this tournament you must follow the Battle of Yavin Squad Building rules in the X-Wing App. If you don’t have the app on your phone you can access through the following web page:

Once you open the app or web page and have logged in click New Squad. For the Game Mode choose Variants then select Battle of Yavin. Then select the faction you’re using (Rebel or Imperial, Scum is not an option for this event) and build your squad using the options available to each faction. Imperials only have access to the TIE Fighter, TIE Advanced and Lambda Shuttle. Rebels can only use Y-Wings, YT-1300, or T65 X-Wings. There are further pilot restrictions for each ship which you will see when you expand the drop downs. If you have any questions about squad building for this event let me know, I want to make sure someone doesn’t show up with an illegal build accidentally.

Entry will be $7, store credit will be awarded to the Top 4 competitors. There are alt art prize cards for Participation and any players with 2 wins and for those who go undefeated. Check out the link to the article below for more Prize Support info.