2/4 Magic: Rivals of Ixalan League!

02/04/2018 @ 5:00 pm
Cool Stuff Games South Orlando
12720 S Orange Blossom Trail #10
Orlando, FL 32837

Calling all Magic sealed players!

Come join us here at South Orlando for our Magic: Ixalan weekly League! If a player receives three round losses against other players they may purchase an additional pack for their deck pool after top cut of players has been reached.

League points will be awarded as follows: all players receive 1 point for participating, players in top cut receive additional points based on top 8 or top 4 cut. All League decks will be returned to players during the final league night on 2/18 and will be held for only one week afterwards.

Event Start Time: 5:00 PM
Entry Fee: $8.00
Tournament Format: Sealed
Tournament Structure: Swiss style tournament with rounds based on player attendance.
*CSG South Orlando will not be held liable for failure to pick up deck after 2/25*