1/20 Magic: Standard Rivals of Ixalan Win-A-Box Pods!

01/20/2018 @ 12:00 pm
Cool Stuff Games South Orlando
12720 S Orange Blossom Trail #10
Orlando, FL 32837

Magic Players!

Come on down and get in on this chance at some awesome value of this great new set! Anytime we get 8 players, we will start one of these tournaments! After 3 rounds of swiss play we will cut to top 4 where planeswalkers will then compete for their share of an entire box! The prize support is as follows, 18 packs for first place, 9 packs for second, third and fourth get 5 packs each. These pods will go throughout the day until 9 PM.

Event Start Time: 12:00 PM
Entry Fee: $10.00
Tournament Format: Standard
Tournament Structure: Swiss style tournament with 3 rounds.