All Stores Open for Retail

All stores open for retail!

CoolStuffGames is dedicated to keep you safe while buying or selling games. The following information regards our retail locations and what you can do to keep gaming during this time. If you have any questions, please call the store and we would be happy to help!

Locations: Maitland, Jacksonville, Tampa, and South Orlando
2-8pm, Monday through Friday
12-6pm, Saturday, Sunday

Locations: Hollywood, Miami
2-7pm, Monday through Friday
12-6pm, Saturday, Sunday

  • Customers must wear masks inside the building.
  • Social distancing will be enforced, minimum of 6 feet distance at all times.
  • No more than ten people (customers and employees) in the store at all times.
  • Buys must be submitted at home ahead of time.

Please be patient with us as we try to ensure the safety of both you and our employees.