CoolStuffGames Local Online Tournaments

CoolStuffGames Local Online Tournaments

How to Participate in Events


In order to participate in any of our online tournaments players must have a Magic: The Gathering Arena (MTGA) account and a Wizards account in good standing. Players suspended from competitive Magic: The Gathering will not be allowed to participate and are ineligible for all prizes. Players are required to follow the Wizards Terms and Conditions.

Entry into all tournaments will close 30 minutes before the start of the event, registering as much in advance is highly encouraged.

Connectivity Issues

Players should review the known issues on Magic: The Gathering Arena. Cool Stuff Games is not responsible for the impact on games from known Arena issues.

In the event a player disconnects from a game they will forfeit that game. Afterwards, the player has 5 minutes to reconnect to the match or that player will forfeit the match. Upon reconnecting to the game, players will recreate the match via Direct Challenge with the players conceding the appropriate games.

No player should submit a match result without first reporting any disconnection issues to an Admin.

Discord Resources

All events will be run and organized through a local discord server. Discord can be run through a webpage or by downloading the Discord desktop app. Create an account at and join our local server with the link found below. Discord will be used to post pairings and standings, and report results for all events.

Rules Channel

Upon entering the Discord server, you will only be able to see this channel. This channel will feature a set of rules that all participants must acknowledge in order to gain access to the rest of the server. The rules can be acknowledged by simply reacting to the rules with a Thumbs up reaction. In addition, this channel also features tournament resources such as, a link to this website, a decklist submission form and a match result form.

General Channel

This text channel will be used as a lobby for players in the event to socialize, talk about the event and other topics. Additionally, players can use this channel to communicate with tournament staff. Use @Admin at the start of your text to notify admins of your message. This should be used to notify admins of questions, conflicts, tournament issues, or to set up a private conversation with tournament staff..

Tournament Announcement Channel

This is the main channel that will be used by tournament staff to communicate with event participants. This channel will be locked to only be used by admins and all other non-admins will have view only capabilities. The main announcements to expect in this channel are sign up notifications, round pairings, round start times/end times and standings. All Participants will be notified when these posts are made.

Tournament Drop Channel

This channel is for any participant that wishes to be dropped. Simply @admin and state that you wish to drop from the event, an Admin will acknowledge your request and drop you from the event. We encourage all players that plan on dropping to notify an Admin through this channel.

Scryfall Bot

We have provided the Scryfall Bot to serve as a quick reference for players to use as a question tool. The documentation for the bot will guide you in using it.

Registering for an Online Tournament

All events will be posted and advertised on our Facebook pages at each of our locations,, and Discord channel.

To Register, purchase your ticket at You will need to create a account to purchase an event ticket. Upon purchasing a ticket, you will be asked to include your DCI number, MTG Arena Name, and Discord Name. Upon purchase of the event ticket, you will be sent a confirmation email containing instructions to submit your decklist and tips on preparing for the online event.

Decklist Submission

Players will be able to submit their decklist until 10 minutes prior to the start of the event. Players are allowed to submit decklists multiple times, but only their most recent submission will be taken for the event.

The decklist submission form will ask four questions. You will need to include your email address, your MTG Arena name, Main Deck Submission, and Sideboard Submission.

To submit your deck from Arena

In Magic Arena, under the Decks tab, select your deck and then click Export. Your deck will be copied to your clipboard. On the Google Form paste (CTRL + V) your deck into the Main Deck Submission text field.

This will copy your sideboard into the Main Deck field. Copy and highlight your sideboard from this field and paste it into the Sideboard Submission text field. Remove your sideboard from the Main Deck Submission field.

Double Check your decklist and that you have at least 60 cards in your main deck and at most 15 cards in your sideboard prior to submitting.

Finally, submit the form at the bottom of the screen.

Playing in a Tournament

Starting Your Tournament

Make sure you are online and in the discord server 10 minutes prior to the start of the event.
At the start of the tournament, there will be an announcement made in the Event Announcement channel that will feature the round pairings, a link showing each player’s submitted decklist and the start and end time for the round.

Challenging Your Opponent

In MTG Arena, click the Direct Challenge icon in the top right corner (the symbol of two swords).
Then, under the pairings link in the Event Announcement channel, copy and highlight the MTG Arena name for your opponent.

Under the Direct Challenge, change the setting at the top right to Tournament Match and select your deck.
Paste your opponent’s MTG Arena name into the challenge section and send the challenge. Both players need to send the exact same request.

Submitting Your Match Result

In the Event Result channel, there will be a google form link to submit your match result.
Upon the conclusion of your match, the winner of the match will need to fill out the match result form. The form will ask for your MTG Arena name and a Match Result.

Match results will be submitted in a Win-Loss-Draw Format. Example: If a player won their match 2 games to 1 game they would report it as 2-1.

In case of potential disagreements in match results, we encourage participants to take screenshots of their victory screens.

If a player is determined to have lied about the result of a match that player may be liable to a DQ and/or ban from future events.

Dropping From the Tournament

To drop from the event, players are required to post in the Tournament Drop Channel their intention to drop by using the @admin command to notify a staff member.


At the conclusion of the event, prizes will be awarded the following day to the top finishers of the event.

Each event can have a different way to distribute prizes, but in all circumstances you will be contacted via email with your gift certificate or other prizes.

Any issues in prize support can be directed to an Admin.

Round Structure

Every event’s swiss rounds will be structured according to the following outline, based on attendance at the start of the event.

Attendance Rounds
4 2 Rounds
5-8 3 Rounds
9-16 4 Rounds
17-32 5 Rounds
33-64 6 Rounds
65-128 7 Rounds
129-226 8 Rounds
227-409 9 Rounds
410+ 10 Rounds

The prize pool is determined by the total entry fees collected from all players. Each increment of $2.50 collected equates one pack in the final prize pool.

For our online weekly events we will be providing prize support to players based on wins. Prizes will be distributed to our top finishers at the end of the event based on their total number of accumulated wins. Each event will follow the same percentage breakdown as seen below.

Record Prizes
Undefeated (Max Wins) 40% of prize pool split among the same record
One Loss (One win short of Max Wins) 60% of prize pool split among the same record

In addition to these prizes, participants will be entered for a raffle each round for a promotional pack to be collected only at a CoolStuff location of their choice. Failure to pick up the promotional pack after a week will result in a forfeit of the promotional pack.

Claiming Prizes

Players will be contacted upon the conclusion of the event with their prizing information via Discord. Players will have the option to claim their prizes in the forms of physical packs from any standard set in current rotation, in-store credit or a gift certificate.

If claiming packs, players will need to select what packs and which CoolStuff location they wish to pick up their prize from. Players will have up to 7 days to pick up their packs from the selected location otherwise, prizes will be converted into an online gift certificate and emailed to the email address on the player’s online CoolStuffInc account.

For store credit and gift certificates, prizes are valued at $2.50 of credit per pack earned. Store credit will be applied to the account of the player’s choice and gift certificates will be emailed to the email address of the player’s choice.